Mustang Supercharger

A Mustang supercharger will really awake the potential of your car. Nothing is more fun than adding a Mustang supercharger and gaining 50-100% more power! Mustang superchargers are very durable and the most popular power-adder for Ford Mustangs today. Need information or pricing on a Mustang supercharger? Browse our links to find everything from articles to on-line stores.

Mustang superchargers come in two basic styles, a centrifugal or a roots. Centrifugal Mustang superchargers provide more high RPM power while a roots style Mustang supercharger will yield lots of low torque and moderate RPM power. There are variations that change power levels but that is one basic functional difference between these superchargers.

Many brands of Mustang superchargers exist but the most popular units are made by the following: Vortech, Paxton, Powerdyne, Eaton, Whipple, Ford Racing, Kenne Bell and ProCharger. Each of these companies makes a Mustang supercharger - one is right for you! Bookmark this page and tell a friend too.

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